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Session Descriptions | Nonprofit Tech Summit 2014

Breakout Session I (10:30am - 11:30am)

Leveraging Technology to Reach Audiences
Kogod Cradle

Community-based organizations (CBOs) are often at the forefront of social change, inspiring others to join them in advancing social good. CBOs, however, often struggle with trying to foster a consistent and meaningful relationship with their clients and supporters. In this session, experts will share why a “multichannel” approach is effective at growing and engaging your base of support. You’ll learn how CBOs can use email, their websites, social media and other online platforms to support their core programs. 

Nicole C. Lee, Esq., TransAfrica
Eric Rardin, Care2
Jane Tobler, Vanguard Communications

Moderator: Julie Dixon, Georgetown University


Faster, Smoother, Slimmer Nonprofit Operations
Molly Smith Study

Many nonprofits are embracing technology to help improve their productivity and overcome their constant struggle to do more with less. Technology has become a disruptive force that opens exciting opportunities and avenues for nonprofits to better achieve their missions and track their impact. For example, the cloud enables groups to work together much more efficiently on projects, sharing data and assessing the efficacy of their programs. In this panel, we will discuss how nonprofits and community-based organizations can improve the efficacy of their organization and foster innovative solutions to common problems. 

Peter Campbell, Legal Services Corporation
Ashish Jaiman, Microsoft
Stephen Wakefield, Discovery Education

Moderator: David Deal, Community IT Innovators


Design Thinking for Growth
CE Classroom

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach for those challenges with vastly more questions than answers. By putting humans and their unmet needs front and center, organizations can realize impactful new offerings. It pulls innovation teams out of the boardroom and into the world to engage with real customers. Design thinking emphasizes rapid iteration and prototyping to learn fast and test our theories out in the world. In this session, you will learn the basics of design thinking to uncover new possibilities for your stakeholders that solve their (and your) biggest problems. 

Clay Maxwell, Peer Insight
Alissa Millenson, Peer Insight


Breakout Session II (1:30pm - 2:30pm)

Bridging the Digital Divide: What Works?
Kogod Cradle

What can be done to connect the 150K District residents who aren't online? Some people think it's content, others believe it's cost, while others think more training is needed. In this panel, we will hear from practitioners here in DC and around the country about what works to help the people you serve get online, find affordable technology, and gain know-how. We will cover how to get the message out, create demand and change behavior.

David Keyes, City of Seattle, Department of IT via Google Hangout
Laura Lane, Partnership for a Connected Illinois via Google Hangout
Delano Squires, Connect.DC
Zach Leverenz, EveryoneOn

Moderator: Julia Pulidindi, National League of Cities (NLC)


Funding for Social Good Projects
Molly Smith Study 

U.S. foundations understand the need to support innovative uses of technology for social good. For example, the Knight Foundation recently awarded Crisis Text Line $350,000 to develop an application providing crisis counseling to teenagers through text messages.  (Crisis Text Line is a subsidiary of Ohana API also received funding to continue development on a tool for organizing and publishing a social service database. Join us as we discuss the challenges of finding funding to support the development of social, mobile and web applications, and other projects that leverage technology to better serve your constituents. 

Moncef Belyamani, Ohana API
Sarah Koch, Case Foundation
Erik Rapprich, Citizeninvestor

Moderator: Sheila Dugan, EveryoneOn 


Innovative Programs to Reach Youth
CE Classroom

Need to create programs that engage and educate young adults? Join leaders in the digital media, blogging, gaming and coding space to learn how to create engaging programs that target the next generation of tech innovators. You will hear about best practices, lessons learned, and replicable program models.

Glennette Clark, UXCamp DC
Gerard Cooper, IT Computer WizKids
Patrick Gusman, Startup Middle School Program
Students, Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science

Moderator: Amanda Miller Littlejohn, Mopwater PR